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We are the Province's certified source of culinary-based tours, events, bar crawls and other culinary activities. We offer in Toronto, Niagara, Niagara on the lake, and Ottawa as well as the regions within the Provence.

We offer an array of pre developed culinary tours and events run in neighborhoods throughout Toronto and Niagara. Our events are value aligned and developed to work for groups of nearly any size.

With so many great culinary actvities availabke within the Provence, it is difficult to figure out what you want to do. Whether you have a limited time in the area or live close by, we will help you find the best option available.


With over a dozen tour companies in the area, it is difficult to figure out what you want to do. Whether you have a limited time in the area or live close by, we will help you find the best option available.

When you take a certified Food Tour, Tasting Tour or Dine Around, it has meet and usually exceeded the criteria needed to make sure your experience is the best possible.



We offer an array of pre developed culinary tours and events run in neighborhoods throughout Toronto and Niagara. Our events are value aligned and developed to work for groups of nearly any size.

Like food tours, the events meet or exceed strong criteria set by ASA and can be run throughout the week.



Sometimes you need something that needs a higher level of customization. Our award planning event staff, alongside award winning sister company 4Lobe Events, can create something truly special and memorable.

Let us take care of all the details that come along with a group event. Our team currently spans North America and is one of the fastest growing and most innovative in the industry


who we are

At Ontario food tours, we are committed to bring you the best, most exciting, and fully certified culinary events and tours throughout the Provence, along with up-to-date news about great new food and drink happenings.

We are a sister company of the Food Tour Corporation, North America's largest and most influential Culinary Tour and Event company, started nearly a decade ago. We are local companies, managed and run by passionate locals and backed with small but strong North America wide crew featuring centralized operations, creative, design, customer service, and account management teams.

By combining a passionate local team with a consistant and supportive headquarters, we are able to serve all your needs.

what is a food tour

A food tour combines a guided historic, architecture and cultural tour with visits to local establishments for specially created dishes and drinks. There are different types of food tours available on the market. The different types of food tours defined by the ASA culinary tour standards board are tasting tours, food tours, and dine arounds. Each type of tour can be defined greater on the American Sales Association homepage.

food tour certification

ASA51 Food Tour Certification is the latest industry standard for Tasting Tours, Food Tours, and Dine Arounds. The ASA51 is created by the American Sales Association , an organization with over 25 years of experience in the travel and hospitality program.

For nearly two decades, ASA developed certification courses for the American Bus Association. Now their influence is beginning to be seen by the Culinary Tour world

The importance of authenticity

We want to provide you with an authentic, exciting look at the culture and cuisine throughout Ontario has to offer. Our initial Food Tours will focus on the major cities within Ontario, as well as surrounding areas. We will host both public and customizable, private Food Tours at a number of price points, options, and start times.

Custom Events, Tours , Activities

At Ontario food tours, we pride ourselves in the ability to quickly put together a fantastic, exciting event or tour that meets all your qualifications and exceeds your expectations.

creating the custom event the ftc way

The FTC Way is an ethos that we stand by at Ontario Food Tours. It was formulated by founder Jeff Swedarsky with a goal to create the best event every time without shortcuts, passthroughs, or anything less than the best.

The process of developing a fully custom product, itinerary or tour takes a great deal of skill and effort regardless of the group size. We work hand in hand with sister companies Food Tour Corp and 4Lobe Events to make this a reality

Our local experts make sure the best new places are taken into consideration, while our award-winning Creative, Event, and Operations teams conceive, develop, and execute highly creative, unique events.

staffing our events

We staff our events with local guides and oversee the process with our liaisons and managers on hand with support staff available by phone.

Our high levels of service and quality control are a benchmark of an FTC event and an event that was developed by an ASA51 certified company.

pleaseemail us at info@foodtourcorp.comor call us at 877-406-3446 any day of the week for more information.

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featuring activities, tours, and events developed specifically for groups


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Working alongside with 4Lobe Events, sister company, and one of North America's fastest culinary event companies and sister company, we offer professionally developed, locally focused team building activities.

Let our event staff know how we can help put together the ideal activity for your group. Please contact us for case studies and proposals.


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Our Culinary Challenge event series is a group of exciting, customizable, activities that challenge groups of all sizes.

Some Culinary Challenge events are inspired by some of our favorite food television programs, with variations added to provide a theme that matches group needs.

Everything can be done typically at a comparable price than a meal and an event.


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The Dine Around is a formal version of a standard food tour, reducing the number of restaurants visited but increasing the number of dishes enjoyed at each restaurant. The Dine Around, although typically run during the evening, is available for groups anytime during the day, based on group needs.

The Dine Around is ideal for corporate groups, as it acts as both entertainment and a meal, enabling companies to maximize budgets and provide the best value event for guests.

A Dine Around can be held as a walking tour within one neighborhood or easily between two or three neighborhoods by motorcoach or limo. Add beer, wine or cocktail pairings to the courses to add to the dining experience.

Contact us to learn more about our certified Dine Arounds and to book one for your group today!


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We add food and drink to transform the traditional scavenger hunt into an ideal teambuilding event, as guests visit one or more fantastic neighbirhods to eat, drink, and compete to win.

Groups, split into smaller teams, are lead buy one of our guides and orchestrate a plan to find a series of historic landmarks, classic dishes and great drinks along the way.

During the culinary scavenger hunt, guests visit 4-7 restaurants and establishments for specialized food, drinks, or a combination. Culinary Scavenger Hunts can be run on foot and by motorcoach depending on the needs of the group.


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A great option to experience Food Tours while indoors, Victuals can bring guests to nearly any place without having to leave the room. Let us know your needs, and the Ontario Food Tours and 4Lobe creative teams will work to make it the ideal event.

'Victuals' is in its most rudimentary form, is the preparation of food and drink; for Ontario Food Tours, it's a multi-station culinary experience or reception within a single space, literally bringing a food tour to one place.

Enjoy the best of what a food tour in Toronto, Ottawa, or Niagara can be without having to leave the room. Stations are set up to mimic neighborhoods while themes are projected throughout the venue.

Menus are painstakingly chosen for the Victuals program, as are themes, locations, dishes, and drinks.


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Learn cooking techniques, plating, or just have fun with a small or large group at one of our award-winning cooking classes. We offer an array of classes based on your desired technical skills, cuisine type, and more.

We work with local chefs eager to teach you their craft, and can hold classes in a variety of venues. On occasion, we can even bring the classes to you.

Cook between one to three courses, or create a variety of tapas style plates to enjoy. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available throughout the event as well as passed appetizers.

Call or email us to find out more about our cooking classes and how to book!


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The new wave of motorcoach tours is here. The multi-day event dominated by the same type of activity is now completely different for your group. Fully customizable, featuring a series of options for guests to explore while in a different area, the motorcoach tour now can be a different tour for each guest.

Expect a series of exciting stops with options available through our network of guides, liaisons, and sister companies throughout North America.

Currently this is exclusively for groups, but individual motorcoach signups will soon be available through our Tour Operator sister company, Gimmel Travel and Tours.


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Whether your group is a few or a few hundred, we can put together a world class bar or pub crawl for your group that is based on your interests. From artisanal cocktails to classic cheap beer and networking, we can do it all.

Our crawls can become technical as we can take groups to breweries, wineries, distilleries, and more, learning time honored craft and sampling fantastic beverages from the source.

Ultimate bar or pub Crawl

Our Ultimate Bar and Pub Crawls combine elements of our Food Tours to standard crawls, providing simple appetizers, family style dishes, or even full meals before, during, or after the crawl.


Tours, activities, events for individuals

Whatever you need - we have it

As an individual, or sometimes known as a FIT traveller, it can at times be difficult to know what exactly is going on in an area you are visiting. Without the cost savings that group activities can provide, and with limited knowledge, you are on your own merit to try to maximize your visit.

Not anymore

At Ontariofoodtours.com, our creative and event teams work hard to cater to the individual traveller to provide you with everything you need.


We offer custom single and multi-day itineraries themed to match your interests and the available time you have. Itineraries can be self guided or run by a great local tour guide or city expert. We are a fully funtional Destination Management company and can make reservations for accomodation, transportation. etc.

activity tickets

Here you can find the tickets you need to the activities you decide you want to do. All purchases are guaranteed and provide reschedule and refund options to keep you covered if the weather is not great.

Food Tours

Guided Food Tours

We provide you with the best food tours Ontario has to offer, developed and run by our staff, or by guides with ASA51 certification.

Self Guided Food Tours

Sometimes you may just want to visit places on your own, or do not have a schedule that matches food tour availabilities. We have you covered as well. We offer self guided Food Tours that enable you and your guests to enjoy the area you like at the pace that best suits your style.

please email us at info@foodtourcorp.comor call us at 877-406-3446 any day of the week for more information.

check out the current culinary activities available for individual purchase

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