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Culinary Events, tours, and activities in Toronto and Niagara developed with 4Lobe Events

Since 2008, our company has developed and executed thousands of events for satisfied clients of all size, both corporate and group. As a result, we have a catalogue of at least a thousand custom culinary events that are available for you anywhere in Niagara, Toronto, and Ottawa.

Working together with FTC sister company 4Lobe Events, Ontario Food Tours can offer you VIP product development, operations, support and more at a level with strong infrastructure, and a track record of success throughout North America.

Get locally managed group tours and events with the level of consistency, excellence, and customer support from an award-winning International company.

award winning events

Looking for a group activity or a private event? We have an award-winning event staff that will create, plan, design, and execute a variety of culinary-based tours and events.

From Dine Arounds to Food Festivals, Tours to Iron Chef inspired challenges, we have a portfolio of options that have worked for thousands of satisfied clients.

We can also take care of customer service, ticketing, web/graphic design, theme, logistics, and transportation before, during, and after the group.

Our events, activities, and tours can currently be held in venues throughout Toronto and Niagara.

Not sure which activity would be best for your group? We are here to help.

To make things as simple as possible for you, we created two distinct ways to work together: You can either select from a number of prepared packages shown below that have worked very well for groups in the past, or you can call or email our event planning staff any day of the week, and we will put together an event based on your particular needs

customized culinary events

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We can customize any of our current offerings or create something completely unique in order to create the ultimate event, group tour, or other activity.

Choose from the following events, or contact us for more options.

Pre packed experiences

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Check out our classic pre-packed experiential tours and events. The main details are done, you just need to choose and either call us at 877-406-346, or Email us at info@foodtourcorp.com.