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corporate team building activities are available throughout Toronto and Niagara for groups of 5-500

It has never been more important to develop relationships and friendships with your co-workers outside of work. Nowadays its very easy to work from home, talk by email and text, virtually attend meetings, and become disconnected from the outside world.

Our culinary team building activities take you completely away from the workplace, its politics, and hierarchy. It provides a completely different atmosphere from which to get to know colleagues, bosses, friends, and people you pass by every day.

The culinary aspect of our teambuilding incorporates various activities where guests work together in groups to achieve a common goal; some activities are well known from television, and others constructed completely for the group based on needs.

Culinary Challenge

Our series of exciting activities range to as simple as spice blending to as complex to 'Iron Chef' and 'Chopped' inspired events.

Please call us at 877-406-3446, and we will be happy to put together a team building proposal for your group.